Lesson Plan

Chemistry Acids and Bases

High School Student

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Science | Chemistry

Age / Grades

Age 10-13 | Grade 5-7

Approximate Time

40 mins

Link To Zoe Community Library

Acids and Bases



Age / Grades

Age 10-13 | Grade 5-7

Approximate Time

40 mins

Link To Zoe Community Library

Acids and Bases

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify if a household substance is an acid, base or neutral using litmus paper;
  2. Students will be able to predict whether an unknown substance is harmful using litmus paper.

Key Vocabulary

acids, bases, Litmus Paper, neutral


Craig Frehlich

Pre-Application Activities

Before Zoe Experience
  1. Review with students what is Red and Blue Litmus paper. You may want to use this site to help you: https://byjus.com/chemistry/litmus-paper/.
  1. Ask the students the following questions:

    1. What are the main components of litmus paper, and how is it used to distinguish between acid and basic substances?

    2. Describe the color change that occurs when litmus paper is dipped in an acidic solution versus a basic solution.

    3. Give an example of a liquid that would turn Blue litmus paper red.

    4. Give an example of a liquid that would turn Red litmus paper blue.

Instructions While Inside the Zoe Experience

  1. Instruct students before they go into Zoe what their tasks are:

    1. Have them download and launch the scene from the community library called Acids and Bases.

    2. Then, have students click the Play button in Zoe.

    3. In this experience, students will use the Red and Blue litmus paper to determine whether each substance is an acid or a base.

"Acids and Bases" experience in Zoe

Post-Application Activities

After the Zoe Experience
Have students complete follow-up questions to check for understanding.
  1. Complete the following chart based on your findings in this experience:

Name of Substance
Color of Red Litmus (When Place in Beaker)
Color of Blue Litmus (When Placed in Beaker)
Acid, Base or Neutral
Toilet Cleaner
Dissolved Toothpaste
Rasberry Juice
Mystery Substance
  1. Did any of the results surprise you? Why or Why not?

  2. Can identifying a substance as an acid or base using litmus paper help ensure safety in a laboratory setting?

  3. Explain how the knowledge of whether a household substance is an acid or a base can prevent accidents and injuries.

Extension Activities

Try the interactive simulation below (or click here if you prefer opening it in a new tab).
  1. Select the Macro button;

  2. Drag the green probe into the solution to see whether each substance is an acid or a base.

Interactive simulation provided by PhET

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