Lesson Plan

French Cafe Words

High School Student

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Language Learning | French

Age / Grades

Age 10-13 | Grade 5-7

Approximate Time

40 mins

Link To Zoe Community Library

French Cafe Words



Age / Grades

Age 10-13 | Grade 5-7

Approximate Time

40 mins

Link To Zoe Community Library

Acids and Bases

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will use their knowledge of French to understand and/or to express a message effectively in various situations for a variety of purposes.

  2. Students will be able to express simple oral messages in French by using gestures, one-word utterances, and memorized global expressions.

  3. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of key French words and ideas in simple, concrete adapted or authentic written texts by responding with physical actions.

Key Vocabulary

See keywords below.


Craig Frehlich

Pre-Application Activities

Before Zoe Experience
  1. Show an image of a French Cafe similar to this one and ask them to identify what they see in the image in English.
  1. Hand out vocabulary cards that, on the front, contain the English word and on the back, contain the French word. Have the students partner with a student and get them to practice these words by asking them to pronounce the French version.

    • Cup - Tasse
    • Fork - Fourchette
    • Spoon - Cuillère
    • Knife - Couteau
    • Bread - Pain
    • Plate - Assiette
    • Bowl - Bol
    • Sandwich - Sandwich
    • Order - Commander (verb) / Commande (noun)
    • Water - Eau
    • Menu - Menu
  1. Now get students to practice what the written French words look like and play a Bingo game. Print off Bingo cards that look like this. Then, write the English word on the board and have the student cross off the French equivalent on their Bingo card. When a student gets a row or column they can yell out Bingo. You can shuffle the words to different rows and columns to create various versions of the card.


Instructions While Inside the Zoe Experience

  1. Instruct students before they go into Zoe what their tasks are:

    1. Have them click on the scene from the community library called “French Cafe Words” (see above).

    2. Explain to students they will need to read the instructions inside the space. While in the scene they will arrange the correct items from the counter by the chef to the correct tables with the corresponding French vocabulary word.

    3. To start the experience have students click the Play button in Zoe.

French Cafe Words, scene available in the Community section of Zoe.

Post-Application Activities

After the Zoe Experience

Have students complete follow-up questions to check for understanding.

  1. Which of the words did you find the hardest to match with the objects and the words on the table?

  2. If you had to order food from a menu at the restaurant in Zoe, what is one word you didn’t learn from this lesson that you feel you would need to learn?

Extension Activities

Have students listen to the following podcast and answer some of the questions on the website.