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Zoe App

Everything you need to know about the Zoe app available for the Meta Quest line of VR headsets
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Zoe for Unity

Get support for the Zoe plugin for Unity, from installation, to the various functions, to exporting your experience.

Video Resources

Interactive Lessons

Watch interactive lessons that can be played in the Zoe app.

Zoe App: Getting Started

Video series covering all the basics to get started with the Zoe app.

Conditions & Actions

Examples of interactions using specific conditions and actions in the Zoe app.

Introduction to Zoe

Getting Started with the Zoe VR App

1/6 - Creating your first scene

2/6 - Edit & Play Modes

3/6 - The Asset Library

4/6 - Placing & Scaling Objects

5/6 - Modifying Asset Settings

6/6 - Setting up an Interaction