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2. Setting Up Unity XR

  • Download Unity Hub here and install it.
  • Open Unity Hub. Select the Installs tab and click on the Install Editor button.
  • Select a version of Unity (the latest Zoe release was tested with Unity 2019.4.0f1). Click NEXT.
  • If you plan on using an Oculus Quest, check Android Build Support; otherwise click DONE. The version of Unity you selected is now installing. Wait until that process is done.

Create a new Unity Project with Template: 3D (make sure you are using the version recommended for Zoe) with the name you want:

Creating a new Unity Project

Then let’s add the necessary packages to your project which allow Unity to work with Virtual Reality headsets.

Go to Edit > Project Settings.

Open Project Settings

A new window will pop up. Go to ‘XR Plugin Management’, at the bottom.

XR Plugin Management

Click on the button to install the XR Plugin. Wait until Unity imports the package:

Importing the XR Plugin

After importing, in the new interface select the hardware you are using for Unity to install also the necessary packages (make sure you wait until a process bar appears and everything has been imported). Here is the setting for using an Oculus Rift / Rift S:

Using Oculus

Note: to use SteamVR (for HTC Vive headsets foe example) a separate plug-in needs to be installed. Check SteamVR support for more information.

Close the Project Settings window.

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