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Create your own Action

Zoe has a modular structure allowing you to create your own scripts in combination with the whole system. We explain here the basics of implementing a new Zoe ACTION with your own code:

Find the script TemplateAction in your Project window (under Scripts > Interactions > Actions) duplicate it and rename the duplicated file with your action name [YourActionName]. Once this is done, open the file for editing.

Rename the class name from: 

public class TemplateAction : S_AbstractAction


public class [YourActionName] : S_AbstractAction

IMPORTANT: the name you gave to the file and the name of the class need to be the same.

You can then code what you want to happen when the action triggers inside the ActionLogic function where the comment says ‘Implement your action logic here’.

You can then use your custom ACTION inside any Interaction through the Add Component menu.

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