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Gazing at an object in VR is pretty much the same as looking at an object in the real world. This condition checks if the user is looking at a specific IO.

  • Target Object: the object (IO) you want to check if the user is looking at or not.
  • Mode: if Mode is set to Gaze_At, it means the user looks at the object. If Mode is set to Gaze_Away, it means the user looks away from the object. *
  • Minimum duration required: check details here.

Note that the Gaze condition uses the Gaze Collider of the Target IO (it checks if the raycast coming from the camera is colliding with this collider).

*in the version 1.1 Gaze_At is not detected if at the moment the interaction is active and checks the condition the user is already looking at the IO.

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