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Approaching an object means when the user gets close to an interactive object in the scene.

  • Approach Mode: if you select ENTER, it means the user has to be close from the object(s), at least at the specified minimum distance.
    If you select EXIT, it means user needs to be far from the object(s), at a bigger distance than the minimum distance set.
  • Distance: distance, in meters, between the user and the object(s). Objects should be either at this distance or below (to validateENTER) or be at a bigger distance (to validate EXIT).

Note that the condition uses the Proximity colliders of the given IOs and you can choose if the distance is calculated from the center of each collider or from the edges (using the checkbox below the distance).

  • Objects in proximity: objects (IO) that the user needs to approach. You can add more than one, then if Require All is checked, all the specified objects in this list are required to validate the condition. If Require All is not checked, only one of the objects is requires for validating the condition.
  • Minimum duration required: check details here.
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