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The Audio action allows you to trigger any action related to audio.

  • Action: Play, Stop, Pause or Mute an audio.
  • Audio source: by default here you have the Audio Source of your root (IO), however if you want to choose another one (maybe you have more than one Audio Source or you have objects inside with their own Audio Source), just drag it here. To read about Audio Sources, click here.
  • Volume:  define the volume of your audio (value ranges from 0 to 1).
  • Loop: for a single clip it will play it in loop, for a list of clips you can choose to loop the whole list or loop only the last clip after playing the whole list.
  • Playlist:  set here how to read a list of clips, either in the order they were added or in a random order.
  • Fade In: check this if you want your clip to fade in at the beginning.
  • Fade Out: check this if you want your clip to fade out at the end.
  • Change pitch: check this to change the pitch of your clip using a slider with values from 0.5 to 3.
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