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Creating Interactive Objects

Zoe uses what we call ‘Interactive Objects’ shortened hereafter IOs.

IOs are any objects you want to add life to. Only an IO can use the interaction system of Zoe. IOs can be 3D objects, 2D objects, or any other object within your Unity scene. For instance, you can create a simple cube in Unity and convert it to an IO or you can import a model in Unity from your favorite 3D modeling software and convert it to an IO. As soon as an object has been converted into an IO, you will be able to add interactions and interact with it in VR.

Converting an Object into an IO

To convert an object into an IO, there are two options:

  • Right click on your object in the Hierarchy view and chose: Zoe > Convert Into Interactive Object;
  • Select your object in the hierarchy or in the scene view and in the menu bar select Zoe > Convert > Into Interactive Object.

    A new object is created with an (IO) extension at the end and a specific structure inside:
    • The Interactions section will contain all the interactions you will create for your project
    • The Visuals section contains your asset; here you can add any other visual assets related.
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