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Duration (parameter)

Duration is an option for almost all conditions. If you setup a minimum duration required it means that the given condition needs to remain true for this amount of time in order for the condition to be considered valid.

Example: user needs to look at an object for at least 2 seconds in order for a door to open.

Note that if you have multiple objects in your condition then the duration time is required for each one of them in order to validate the condition.

If condition turns false: here you decide what happens if during the duration time the condition turns false.

  • Reset count: the count is reset to 0.
  • Keep Progress: The amount of time the condition remained valid is kept in memory and if condition is true again then it accumulates until it reaches the duration time.
  • Decrease progressively: the count decreases progressively with a speed factor.

These options are useful for game mechanics where you want the user to fulfil something for at least a given amount of time to progress/win. If he does not, then you decide if the progress is kept in memory or not.

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